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Don't keep your lexicon to yourself! Share it with others!



Don't keep your lexicon to yourself! Share it with others!

You've spent years working on your dictionary, but how easy is it for others to make the most of it? Are the speakers of the language getting any benefit from it? Is it user-friendly enough for a non-linguist to look at? Are translators making the best use of it? Are partner organisations using it? Do university professors have it on their computers? Is it in local schools, government offices and cyber-cafés? Can people download it from your website? Or is it just lying on your hard disk or hidden away gathering dust in the corner of a library somewhere?

Lexique Pro is all about making your data usable, accessible and easy to share with others. And not only that... you may find you use it more yourself!

Lexique Pro is an interactive lexicon viewer and editor, with hyperlinks between entries, category views, dictionary reversal, search, and export tools. It's designed to display your data in a user-friendly format so you can distribute it to others.

Features - a guided tour of Lexique Pro, with lots of screenshots.

Download - free program download, sample database, documentation.

FAQ - answers to some frequently asked questions.

About - acknowledgements, licensing information, and contact details.


What's New?

07 August 2012
Version 3.6 released.

What's New in this version of Lexique Pro?

View Published Lexicons which have been put on the web using Lexique Pro.

Download Lexique Pro.
Features of Lexique Pro.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Lexique Pro is freeware. One of its aims is to encourage linguists to share their data freely with others.

What kind of data can it display?

Lexique Pro can read and display a lexicon database if it is either: (i) a text file with recognised standard format markers (the kind of data produced by Toolbox), or (ii) an XML file in LIFT format (produced by Fieldworks or WeSay).

For more details, see FAQ.

Where does Lexique Pro come from?

Lexique Pro is developed by SIL in Mali, West Africa.

By facilitating language-based development, SIL International serves the peoples of the world through research, translation, and literacy.

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