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What's New?

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Version 3.6 - 07 August 2012
  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Entry names with special characters were not being sorted correctly under reverse index headings.

    • Fixed: A unwanted newline character was being inserted before the part of speech of some entries.

    • Fixed: Synonyms and antonyms were not being output in web export if there were no other lexical functions.

    • Fixed: LIFT export for literal-meaning field had an incorrect closing tag.

    • Fixed: Allow accents and Unicode characters in semantic domain/category fields (\sd).

    • Fixed: Access violation on Morphology section of search results.

    • Fixed: Remove formatting codes in Morphology section of search results.

    • Fixed: Show camera icon next to entry if picture is found in sub-entry.

    • Fixed: Export wizard images page had a truncated caption for some interface languages.

Version 3.5 - 02 January 2012
  • User interface languages:

    • Indonesian added.

  • Splash screen and About box:

    • Use SIL International logos with tag lines in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Web page export:

    • Use the filename 'index.htm' in sub-folders rather than 'main.htm'.

  • Information pages:

    • SIL information added in Spanish.

  • Latest ISO 639-3 language codes (from http://www.sil.org/iso639-3).

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Search for whole words crashed if parenthesis characters were set to be ignored for a language.

    • Fixed: In records with multiple gloss fields on separate lines, Lexique Pro was only reading the first gloss.

    • Fixed: 'Syn:' label was not being translated on single entry screens.

    • Fixed: The subscript homonym numbers in \cf fields looked good in the onscreen version, but when exported to docx the number was separated from the word without being formatted as a subscript.

    • Fixed: Problem with the record count displayed on the status bar.

    • Fixed: A period was added at the end of a definition field when the field ended in an elipsis (...)

    • Fixed: Space needed before paradigm fields in multiple entry output.

Version 3.4.2 - 16 May 2011
  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Export to web pages was not omitting omitted entries.

    • Fixed: Senses within Indexes were not getting sorted when \lc was used.

    • Fixed: Some problems with picture output in document export.

    • Fixed: Updated Bulgarian translation and added some Spanish interface translation.


Version 3.4 - 8 December 2010
  • Links: Allow <a> HTML links in SFM fields, e.g.

    •  \ee For more details see: <a href="http://www.bambara.org">Bambara Lexicon</a>

  • Audio:

    • Changed audio player to improve reliability of playing MP3 files.

    • Play/Pause/Stop buttons displayed when playing an audio clip.

  • Updated ISO 639-3 language code list to use latest tables.

  • OpenOffice.org Document export:

    • Updated to export valid ODF 1.2 documents (i.e. OpenOffice.org versions 3.0 and above)

    • Removed support for export to OpenOffice 1.0 documents (.sxw).

  • Khmer language interface (beta).

  • Fonts: Install "Charis SIL" and "Khmer OS System" in distribution.

  • Distribution: Updated to use version 5.4 of Inno Setup.

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Allow up to 14 languages in Language Markers page of configuration (rather than 7).

    • Fixed: Add missing French translation strings.

    • Fixed: Formatting problems with |fv etc. directly after parenthesis.

    • Fixed: Under certain conditions LP hung while loading a dictionary (threading issues).

    • Fixed: Categories in LIFT files did not always get shown properly.

    • Fixed: Unwanted characters displaying at top of Print Preview.

    • Fixed: Database remained in read-only state if the program terminated abnormally and many users did not know how to change the read-only attribute of the database file.

    • Fixed: Configuration - Home page images preview did not get updated when changing images and turning them on/off.

    • Fixed: Incorrect link to email address in help file.

    • Fixed: Incorrect tab orders in Writing System configuration dialog pages.

    • Fixed: Should not allow the same language to be added twice in Writing Systems configuration.

    • Fixed: Translation problems in Spanish message boxes.

Version 3.3.1 - 6 March 2010
  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Sort order and case memo fields not populated properly in Language Properties dialog.

    • Fixed: Links to HTML files in the About pages did not work if filenames had %20 codes instead of spaces.

Version 3.3 - 4 March 2010
  • Compiled using new version of compiler (Delphi 2010) - lots of internal changes to code and components.

  • Omit Rules: added marker 'does not exist' and 'not empty' rules.

  • Interface Languages:

    • full French interface

  • Distribution:

    • new version of Inno Setup (5.3)

    • more languages for installation wizard

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Examples and some other fields were repeated in document/web output where there were sub-entries.

    • Fixed: Confusion arose when using ICU sorting and FLEx 3.0 (due to change of version of ICU being used by FW)

    • Fixed: RTF export could result in a truncated output file if there were alternative forms sharing the same language code as a gloss language.

    • Fixed: <form> element needs lang code in LIFT output.

    • Fixed: Setting default font in Language properties.

Version 3.2.3 - 5 June 2009
  • Added support for TIFF images.

  • ICU Rules page: Test button added.

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: More problems with RTF non-breaking spaces.

    • Fixed: In some cases, ICU sort rule characters were not saved as UTF8.

    • Fixed: Error message needed if parsing of ICU rules fails.

    • Fixed: Problems with picture placement in Word 2007 (.docx) export.

Version 3.2.2 - 29 May 2009
  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Do not allow editing of writing system code for LIFT databases.

    • Fixed: Do not display tabs for index languages where there are no items.

    • Fixed: In LIFT import, do not create a new gloss language if it is the vernacular language gloss.

    • Fixed: In .docx export, the line between columns setting was ignored.

    • Fixed: Non-breaking spaces sometimes come out as ?? in RTF document export.

    • Fixed: Error in standalone icon shortcut if user changed default install folder.

Version 3.2.1 - 22 May 2009
  • Updated version of Inno Setup (5.2.3) used by distribution wizard.

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Need to delete old program files if user installs to old pre-3.0 directory.

    • Fixed: Create icon shortcut to standalone Lexique Pro as well as to Lexique Pro + database.

    • Fixed: Problem with writing About Language files path when trying to redistribute a distributed lexcion.

    • Fixed: Links to local HTML files from About Language pages were opened in web browser rather than in Lexique Pro.

    • Fixed: File Version of distribution setup .exe was Should be set to current Lexique Pro version number.

Version 3.2 - 21 May 2009
  • Support for more fields added (from both MDF/SFM and LIFT files):

    • Restrictions

    • Literal meaning

    • Usage

    • Bibliography

  • Audio file handling:

    • Handle audio files which appear in writing system forms in LIFT (at entry level or in example fields), as used by WeSay.

    • Search for audio files in "sound", "audio" or "media" sub-folders, if not found as a relative or absolute path.

  • Formatting:

    • Added "All caps" and "Small caps" as font formatting effects (see Formatting dialog box).

  • ICU components:

    • Updated to version 4.2. (These will be used if no ICU DLLs are found in the 'Program Files\Common Files\SIL' folder.)

  • Export to Web:

    • Added "Max Image Height" for pictures.

    • Fixed: Images not being filtered correctly.

    • Fixed: Images not being positioned correctly according to before/after sense/entry settings.

    • Fixed: Hyperlinks for some fields missing.

    • Fixed: Final wizard page on Export to web page was not using Unicode controls. This sometimes caused access violations on progress caption update.

    • Fixed: Do not create web index pages for languages without index records.

    • Fixed: Add several font names to font-family on web export, in case the first font is not present.

    • Fixed: Add Lexique Pro version number to header meta information.

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: User style types not being read correctly from configuration file.

    • Fixed: Certain combinations of \ps before \sn did not parse correctly.

    • Fixed: Unwanted extra space before sense numbers in export to document/web.

    • Fixed: Remove formatting codes from Part of Speech in list view on left of screen.

    • Fixed: Do not add an extra full stop if there is already a Chinese one (U+3002).

    • Fixed: Don't interpret a final digit in a field as a subscript if the field is not a link.

    • Fixed: Do not add a full stop if there is no content in a lexical function field.

Version 3.1 - 15 May 2009

The following new features and fixes are in version 3.1 of Lexique Pro:

  • New icon

  • LIFT file import:

    • Improved support for importing:

      • alternative lexical writing systems,

      • categories (from lift-ranges),

      • sub-entries, minor entries,

      • custom fields,

      • pictures

    • Improved interaction with SIL Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx):

      • On the first load of a LIFT file, Lexique Pro looks in the Fieldworks language definitions folder for font information if it exists.

    • If there are multiple lexicon languages in a LIFT file, Lexique Pro asks which is the main one when loading for the first time.

    • .PLIFT files are recognised as .LIFT files.

  • Language Configuration:

    • Significant redesign of the language-related pages of the configuration wizard, including a new Configure Language dialog.

    • More default gloss languages to choose from, including several Indian languages.

    • Simplified adding/configuration of alternative lexical writing systems.

    • "Find Code" dialog added to allow search/selection of code from list of ISO-639 codes.

    • Access to individual language configuration via Tools > Configure Language > [language name].

  • Style Configuration:

    • Redesign of the formatting style-related pages of the configuration wizard. The tabs have been replaced by a tree view arranged by language where styles are displayed in their respective fonts and colours.

  • Help:

    • Help has been added for configuration pages.

  • Markers:

    • You can now associate two or more SFM marker codes with a marker type. See Change Marker dialog from the Field Markers page of the configuration.

  • Sorting:

    • ICU collation can be used in sorting, rather than having to specify all the lines of the sort order as in Shoebox/Toolbox. See the Sorting page of the language configuration.

    • Custom ICU Collation rules can also be specified.

    • ICU 4.0 DLLs are included in the Lexique Pro installation.

  • Part of Speech index:

    • A index of entries, ordered by part of speech can be displayed. See Languages > Indexes and Sorting in the configuration.

  • Search:

    • The search words found are highlighted in the displayed entries.

  • Keyboard switching:

    • Keyboard switching code completely rewritten.

    • Improved interaction with Windows and Keyman keyboards.

  • Open Office document export:

    • Macro added to write left and right headers.

  • Graphite-enabled:

    • Now includes the MultiScribe library for rendering Graphite fonts.

  • Localisation:

    • Bulgarian language added.

    • Now using the GNU gettext functions for localisation throughout the program.

    • All of Lexique Pro can now be translated into other languages, using .po files.

    • Translators will be able to see their translations in the user interface before submitting them for inclusion in the product.

    • Please contact Lexique Pro development if you would like to help in translation, and see here.

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: A cross-reference appearing after a main entry cross-reference was also being marked as a main entry cross-reference.

    • Fixed: An extra full-stop should not be added to encyclopaedic info where a full-stop has already appeared before closing speech marks or parenthesis.

    • Fixed: Category tree file in web export should be marked as UTF-8.

    • Fixed: If Lexique Pro window was maximised, an Access violation occurred when the user tried to open a file while Lexique Pro was still initialising.

    • Fixed: Language code edit box was restricted to only 3 characters.

    • Fixed: Web output is now well-formed XHTML.

    • Fixed: Allow formatting codes in lexical name and citation form fields.

    • Fixed: If definition fields were used rather than gloss fields for an entry, the ordering of other fields such as lexical functions and parts of speech was often incorrect.

    • Fixed: Categories were not being included in document export, even if the Categories option had been selected in the Fields page of the export wizard.

    • Fixed: Handles << >> in reversal fields.

    • Fixed: Distribution wizard failed to create executables of over 2GB. Need to edit .iss file to include DiskSpanning=Yes.

    • Fixed: Space missing sometimes before part of speech in export to document.


LIFT Import limitations

In LIFT import, the following features are not supported yet:

  • Sub-senses

  • Sub-reversal indexes

  • Picture captions

Version 2.8.6 - 17 June 2008
  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Cut and copy buttons not enabled when selecting text at the start of editing.

    • Fixed: User-defined paradigm markers were being lost.
    • Fixed: Default notes labels to MDF standard (Note:, Socio:, Phon: etc.).
    • Fixed: Include language codes in .docx Word export, to facilitate spell-checking.
    • Fixed: Need to insert space before Variant field output.
    • Fixed: Links to prefixes and suffixes sometimes failed in morphology fields.

Version 2.8.5 - 10 June 2008
  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Category view did not hide omitted items.

    • Fixed: Ampersand not encoded in filenames in LIFT export.

Version 2.8.4 - 27 May 2008
  • Improved LIFT support.

  • Group markers together by type in Markers configuration.

  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Character codes '&#' were visible in Open Office document export.

    • Fixed: See main entry: rather than See: should be displayed for main entry cross references.
    • Fixed: Access violation sometimes appears after changing \lx and then deleting the entry.

Version 2.8.3 - 19 March 2008
  • Various bug fixes:

    • Fixed: under some circumstances the usage field could not be exported.

    • Fixed: senses containing only a definition field (\de, etc.) were ignored.

    • Fixed: problem exporting pictures which were seen as having zero width.

    • Fixed: categories did not show up when creating a new database.

    • Fixed: viewing categories as DDP was broken.

    • Fixed: allow removal of alternative representations of the lexicon language.

Version 2.8.2 - 25 January 2008
  • Fixed categories initialisation problem in first-time configuration wizard.

Version 2.8.1 - 21 January 2008
  • Export to Web Page:

    • Include pictures in web page export.

  • Editing:

    • Template of markers for new record can be edited. See Configuration > Display > Edit Settings.

Version 2.8 - 10 January 2008
  • Export:

    • Pictures can be positioned before or after entries, or before or after the senses in which they appear.

    • Word 2007 document format export added, i.e. Office Open XML, *.docx. Please note that the previous Export to Word document via HTML has been removed. If you are using Microsoft Word 2000, XP or 2003 you can download a compatibility pack from here in order to read the Office Open XML .docx files.

    • Lexicon Interchange FormaT (LIFT XML) export improved - partial implementation of LIFT 0.11.

    • Results page is displayed after exporting documents, rather than launching Word immediately.

  • Configuration:

    • Markers can be turned on or off in Configuration > Data Source > Markers page.

  • Added recognition of notes markers for display and export:

    • Notes (anthropology) - \na

    • Notes (discourse) - \nd

    • Notes (grammar) - \ng

    • Notes (phonology) - \np

    • Notes (questions) - \nq

    • Notes (sociolinguistics) - \ns

    • Notes (general) - \nt

  • Changed file extensions :

    • Configuration file: .lpConfig

    • LIFT export: .lift

  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed: Bad date formats in database caused critical failure in loading lexicon.

    • Fixed: Include *.lex as possible database file extension.

Version 2.7 - 28 September 2007
  • Various fixes for better Windows Vista compatibility.

  • Export as LIFT (Lexicon Interchange FormaT) XML format (beta - partial implementation)

Version 2.6.13 - 17 April 2007
  • Fixed:

    • Sorting of lexical entries was broken when using alternative lexical forms.

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